Flaxseed,Sesame and Roasted Gram Brittle – Omega3 Chikkis

On my last visit to Pune, I was at one of the premium supermarkets, trawling for goodies that our simple little Mom and Pop stores in Goa will never stock. Walking through the aisles, I was rejoicing at the sheer variety in every genre of food available when at the health food section I came upon Flax seed chikki (flax seed brittles). Normally you get the peanut, coconut, roasted amaranth, puffed rice, plain sesame, dry fruit, mixed nut etc varieties so the flax seed chikki sounded interesting. Individually wrapped little squares of Omega3 goodness were too hard to resist. I love adding nuts and seeds to my food and this flax seed sweet treat just had to be bought.

Manufactured in the Bombay suburb of Malad by a family run home enterpise, this chikki I thought was an ingenious and tasty way to consume Omega3 on the go. Anyway, the chikki was bought and packed away to be taken back to Goa and tried out at leisure. And when I did try it out, oh my god! It was fabulous. Really crisp, not too sweet and just that zingy hint of ginger. Not surprisingly, the box of 12-14 pcs was polished off in a few days. Now what was I going to do? I loved the nutty bite and that hit of mild sweetness and missed it terribly.

Lack of a lot of resources in a sleepy place like Goa makes you quite enterprising and so i decided to try my hand at a little home enterprise of my own.  This was my attempt at the recipe and I must say, I didn’t do too badly. Of course, my complete inability to recreate an exact recipe made sure that I tinkered around with it and to a fabulous result. I like the mix seed version that I made even more and now there is no worry of running out on these goodies, is there? Maybe, i’ll add some toasted coconut the next time…


 Recipe: Flaxseed, Seasame and Roasted Gram Brittles

Power up on Omega3!


1cup flaxseeds

1cup white sesame seeds

½ cup black sesame seeds

1 cup roasted, shelled gram

1 cup jaggery, grated

¼ tsp dry ginger powder

  1. Mix the flax seeds, sesame seeds, roasted gram and ginger powder. Lightly roast on a griddle till crisp and aromatic.
  2. In a pan, melt the jaggery on low heat. Let it simmer till it forms a thick syrup but not so thick that it starts coagulating in the pan.
  3. Hold a strainer over the seed mix and quickly and evenly pour the jaggery through it. Now you need to work really fast or else the mixture will start setting as it cools.
  4. Using ghee, edible coconut or vegetable oil, lightly grease your palms to prevent the mix from sticking.
  5. With a spatula thoroughly mix the seed mix and jaggery. While it is still warm, pick up a tablespoon full in your palms and roll it into balls, compressing them into a tight shape as you go along.
  6. Let cool and store in an airtight container.

2 thoughts on “Flaxseed,Sesame and Roasted Gram Brittle – Omega3 Chikkis

  1. hi,
    Great recipe!
    How about running the toasted flax seeds coarsely through a blender?!
    Would that help? (as they aren’t to be eaten whole I believe, though biting the chikki will do the same work! 🙂 )

    • Hi KD! Thanks, i’m glad you liked the recipe. Yes, of course the flax seeds can be roasted and ground but that tends to release the oil and the fishy omega 3 smell gets a liitle overpowering. But if one can handle the smell, roasted and ground seeds are far easier to chew and digest than whole seeds! Maybe, adding a pinch of fragrant cardamom powder to the ground seeds might camouflage the smell. If you try it, do let me know!

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