Potato, Egg and Bacon Salad

All us Goa ‘lifers’ live by one unspoken rule. When you find a new tucked away café or a restaurant that is truly a culinary revelation, don’t talk about it. Speak of it in hushed whispers and slanted allusions, sharing its location and describing its gastronomic pleasures only with those in the inner foodie circle. Protect and patronise it so that it lasts yet another season, for all our sakes…

Hey, we live here. Permanently. What we don’t need is absolutely all of our favourite restaurants marked out clearly on the world food map for the tourist hordes to descend upon. The tourist propensity to be at a restaurant because it is the current ‘must try’ place this season or the place to ‘be seen’ at. The cuisine be damned. Yes, we have tourists who come to a Japanese restaurant because it came highly recommended for its ‘vibe’ and then either don’t understand the menu or just make a fuss with everything. “What are Udon noodles? Can’t I have regular noodles instead?” or my favourite…”I possibly can’t eat raw fish. Can you give me cooked fish in the sushi instead?” All this while frantically setting off flash lights on their phone cameras to take the mandatory ‘we were here’ pics to upload onto Facebook. Caption – ‘Amazing Japanese dinner at xyz in Goa. So authentic!’ Seriously?

I could vent forever but that’s for another time.  What started me off was the craving for a beautiful creamy German potato salad I had on several Sundays at one of my favourite cafes. It’s a little place with a fantastic menu, including some delicious vegan options and superlative desserts. But the best way to enjoy all its bounty is to participate in its famed Sunday brunches. There’s almost the entire menu and then some on offer!

But its Tuesday today so gotta make do. Whip this version up. Equally good. And great for a hot summer salad for friends.




3 medium potatoes, boiled, peeled, cubed

3 eggs, boiled, shelled, cubed

½ cup bacon, chopped, fried off

2tbsp fresh herb of choice

2tbsp honey mustard dressing


Add all the salad ingredients to a mixing bowl. Drizzle the honey mustard dressing and toss well.


My Honey Mustard Dressing

2 tsp mild mustard (white or yellow) soaked overnight and drained

4tbsp honey

½ tsp garlic paste

2tbsp balsamic vinegar

¼ tsp pepper powder

2tbsp extra virgin olive oil

2tbsp thick, creamy yoghurt

Salt, to taste


Blend all the ingredients except the olive oil in a small food processor jar.

With the blender still on, add the olive oil in a thin stream and blend till the dressing is fully emulsified.

Use as much as required.






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